KMS-1100 Manuel Chain Link Fence Machine 

Technical Specifications:

  • Our machines is designed for continuous working system as 24 hours.
  • 3 kw (4 hp) engine power. Opportunities fort he electricity connections as 3 phases (industrial type) and 2 phases (mono-house type)
  • Wire Fencing capacity ( speed ) : 60 m2 / 60 min. ( as result of tests 70 mm mesh size Wire thickness 2.5mm)**
  • It works with any thickness of wire between 1mm and 4mm. It works also with galvanized or pvc wire.
  • Doesn’t have any width and length wire fencing limitation.
  • Braking system to avoid wire scrap.
  • Automatic mold centering system.
  • Feed unit for Reduces mold abrasion.
  • Working system on the lowest noise trough its special mechanic design and noise isolation, makes it to be worked in residences and flats.
  • Our machines are guaranteed for 2 year.

*Wire thicknesses vary according to the requested mesh size
**Hourly capacity may change with operator performance.
**70mmX70mm mesh size,2.5mm wire thickness test values.

Note : Technical specifications, may vary according to machine models and product developments.