About 50 years, Kamateks Machinery Industry Ltd. Co. is manufacturing and developing products in Chain Link Fence Machines.

Following up to date all developments in technology and increasing progressively the R&D budgets, Kamateks Machinery Ind. Ltd. Co. has aimed producing technology and to bring it to the highest level in velocity.

As a consequence to careful studies, the products of our Company has been qualified to worldwide patent certifications. With his experience and technology our Company always been a guide to the sector.

All the products we are manifacturing under our signature is a mark of our quality.

Our products are protected by patent laws. Kamateks Machinery Industry Ltd. Co., recalls that the theft of ideas and labor, to imitate these products that arising after a long R&D activities, will be subject to criminal sanctions.

Thank you to over 2000 customers who prefer our products.

All the products we are manufacturing under our signature is a mark of our quality.

Enjoy the advantages of high speed chain link fence machine.

More than a machine, your colleague.

KMS-1400 High Speed Chain Link Fence Machine.

Kamateks Chain Link Fence Machines

Our products reaches all around the World, with the international distribution agreements we made.

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